Oahu, city buzz and nature’s peace rolled into one

It’s always been a dream for many to have a home and live in house that sits by the beach. But if you can have the best of both worlds – the relaxing vibe and beauty of the sea and the convenience of modern establishments – at the same time, why not live in a place that offers both? This is what’s Oahu most known for. It may not be the biggest island in Hawaii but it definitely stands out from the rest given the range of establishments found in the area.

Today, Oahu is home to a million population enjoying modern establishments and homey villages ideal for families. What makes Oahu the ideal city to start a family, aside from having the beach just at the corner, is that it has a variety of neighborhoods, each of which offering a property that’s sure to fit your budget.

For people who wish to raise a family here, check out Oahu townhouses. These properties are huge enough to serve as playground to your kids and home to your family. If you were simply looking for a place to come home to every time you visit Hawaii, maybe a nice condo unit that offers a spectacular view of the beach would be the perfect choice.  Head to the Ala Moana area and find a wide range of beachfront condos. The area may be fast-paced compared to far-flung towns in Hawaii but it’s nestled right in front of the beach so you’re guaranteed to still enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer even if your in the midst of the hustle bustle of the city. Another good thing about living in Ala Moana is that has a lot of amusement parks to offer as well as world-renowned festivals every year like the Fourth of July fireworks display and the yearly Lantern Floating celebration.  Parks are home to fun activities like jogging and sports for the health buff; and, rowing, kayaking, and surfing for watersports lovers. There’s also a shopping center within the area so you have everything that you need right at your fingertips.

For people who are looking for standout villages that exude character, check out the Manoa Valley. It’s popular in Hawaii for its beautiful waterfalls and magical rainbows.

In Oahu, city living meets nature. If you’re looking for the perfect property to invest in, check out Oahu vacation homes, condominiums, lots, townhouses, and many more!

Contributed by Gary Allalouf of www.myhawaiirealestateonline.com

Single Family Home in Haleiwa

Country living is something that many people in Hawaii seek out. What better way to live then enjoying the cool breezes and easygoing lifestyle of country living. One of the most sought after places to enjoy this type of living is the North Shore of Oahu. Right now you can get a incredible single-family home in Haleiwa Town on the north Shore of Oahu tat will put you close to the ocean for a very reasonable price.

Located on Aukai Lane right outside of convenient Haleiwa Town on the North Shore, this 4-bedroom, 1-bathroom single-family home offers over 950 square feet of living space and is on a huge piece of land with over 31,000 square feet. All of this can be yours should you choose to close the deal on this property.

The large level lot also comes complete with mature trees and is very nicely landscaped. This is country living at its very best. The seller is willing to finance with a decent down payment. You will get garden and mountain views, and the property is just minutes away from some of the best beaches on Oahu. Fantastic dining experiences and great shopping are both right around the corner in Haleiwa Town as well. Enjoy all the amenities of country living, while having everything else you need just minutes way. This is truly a great way to live.

Located in the neighborhood of Wailua, a good price and comfortable North Shore living awaits you here. If you have been thinking about country living and are attracted to the laid back atmosphere that the North Shore of Oahu provides, then take a few minutes to check out this listing and others like it. You won’t be sorry. Comfortable and affordable North Shore living is only a few clicks away. View other Haleiwa homes for sale

Home interior mistakes according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is fantastic way to make your home better place loaded with a lot of positive energy and spirit. Many people across the globe already know the huge power of this ancient Chinese philosophy and do their best to follow its useful tips and recommendations. Check out below several home interior mistakes which people do due to many reasons, from fast paced life to lack of taste and opinion.

Too many cushions

According to Feng Shui too many cushions on your coach or bed will keep your loved one away from you. If you sleep with a lot of decorative cushions around you, then they will definitely decrease the passion in your home. So, remove them and keep only one or two in a bright attractive color like red, orange, or pink. It’s one of the best ways to increase the love and intimacy in your home.

Wilted or dried flowers

Such ugly flowers will not only collect dust, but according to Feng Shui they are symbol of dead and create a lot of negative static energy. So, just throw immediately all dried or artificial flowers from your home and replace them with fresh ones. It will greatly help you to increase the positive energy in your home.

Furniture to the wall

In order to circulate properly, the chi energy needs a lot of space; otherwise, it is going to be locked in the center of the room. So, just to remove a little bit the furniture from the walls and you will get rid of the problem pretty easy. If the back side of some furniture is bleak, then use your imagination and cover it with something beautiful and attractive.

Wrong lighting

The correct lighting is one of the main factors in Feng Shui philosophy. Therefore, you have to provide in your home as much natural light as possible. It will bring huge natural energy directly in your home. Don’t forget to change the burnt blurbs right away and use the power of mood lighting when you want to relax and think about something important in your life.

Too many wires

If you work in your home and you are surrounded by many different cables and wires, then you will get exhausted usually faster. They will bring a lot of negative energy and feeling of anxiety without any obvious reason. Therefore, do your best to cover them behind your desk, couch or under the floor. It will help you to be more effective, concentrated and motivated person.

Old pictures

According to the basic principles of Feng Shui, it’s good to have a lot of pictures in frames in different places in your home, but only if they are new and recently made. The old pictures will bring you back in the past pretty often and you will not be able to value and notice the development of your family member. Well, the sweet memories are important and they always have a place in your heart, but try to be more positive and keep those pictures which show the most recent happy moments of your family.