Oahu, city buzz and nature’s peace rolled into one

It’s always been a dream for many to have a home and live in house that sits by the beach. But if you can have the best of both worlds – the relaxing vibe and beauty of the sea and the convenience of modern establishments – at the same time, why not live in a place that offers both? This is what’s Oahu most known for. It may not be the biggest island in Hawaii but it definitely stands out from the rest given the range of establishments found in the area.

Today, Oahu is home to a million population enjoying modern establishments and homey villages ideal for families. What makes Oahu the ideal city to start a family, aside from having the beach just at the corner, is that it has a variety of neighborhoods, each of which offering a property that’s sure to fit your budget.

For people who wish to raise a family here, check out Oahu townhouses. These properties are huge enough to serve as playground to your kids and home to your family. If you were simply looking for a place to come home to every time you visit Hawaii, maybe a nice condo unit that offers a spectacular view of the beach would be the perfect choice.  Head to the Ala Moana area and find a wide range of beachfront condos. The area may be fast-paced compared to far-flung towns in Hawaii but it’s nestled right in front of the beach so you’re guaranteed to still enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer even if your in the midst of the hustle bustle of the city. Another good thing about living in Ala Moana is that has a lot of amusement parks to offer as well as world-renowned festivals every year like the Fourth of July fireworks display and the yearly Lantern Floating celebration.  Parks are home to fun activities like jogging and sports for the health buff; and, rowing, kayaking, and surfing for watersports lovers. There’s also a shopping center within the area so you have everything that you need right at your fingertips.

For people who are looking for standout villages that exude character, check out the Manoa Valley. It’s popular in Hawaii for its beautiful waterfalls and magical rainbows.

In Oahu, city living meets nature. If you’re looking for the perfect property to invest in, check out Oahu vacation homes, condominiums, lots, townhouses, and many more!

Contributed by Gary Allalouf of www.myhawaiirealestateonline.com